VIP System

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The Healer offers 30-minute buffs, including:

  • Blessing
  • Increase Agility
  • Magnificat

Reset Girl

Note: The Reset NPC offers a crucial service for VIPs who wish to reconfigure their characters.

  • Full Reset (Skills and Stats): The service charges 700,000 zeny for a complete overhaul, allowing players to rethink their strategy and build.
  • Partial Reset (Either Skills or Stats): For those looking to make minor adjustments, a partial reset is available for 350,000 zeny. This option is perfect for fine-tuning your character's abilities or attributes.


Please use the reset services wisely. A reset can significantly impact your character's performance and game strategy.

Vip Room

The Vip Room provides various exclusive services for VIP players.


Service Description
Change Sex Allows you to change the gender of a specific character.
Ammunition Vendors Sells ammunition for Ninjas and Gunslingers, as well as weapons.
Alchemy and Forge Items Offers items used in forging and alchemy.
Custom Tool Dealer Features items like the Kafra card (opens storage) among others.
Endower Enables players to enchant their weapons in exchange for 50,000 zeny (also available in Prontera).
100% Card Remover Uses a Card Remover (available in the Cash Shop).