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Welcome to our exciting Slot Machine event available at `@events`! For just 150,000z per roll, you have the chance to win a variety of fabulous prizes. Test your luck today and see what fortunes await!



Participate in the Slot Machine event for a chance to win any of the following items:

  • 05 Old Blue Box
  • 05 Old Purple Box
  • 05 Gift Box
  • 01 Old Card Album
  • 25 Dead Branch
  • 05 Battle Manual
  • 05 JOB Battle Manual
  • 01 Bubble Gum
  • 01 Ticket VIP 1 Day
  • 01 Bar Cookie Of Agility Box
  • 01 Bar Cookie Of Intelligence Box
  • 01 Bar Cookie Of Dexterity Box
  • 01 Bar Cookie Of Luck Box
  • 02 Bloody Branch
  • 01 Gym Pass

How to Participate

Joining the Slot Machine event is easy! Follow these simple steps: 1. Make your way to `@events` where the Slot Machine is located. 2. Ensure you have 150,000z available for each roll you wish to make. 3. Interact with the Slot Machine to make your roll and see what prize you win!


Try Your Luck!

Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of the Slot Machine event. With so many incredible prizes up for grabs, it's the perfect opportunity to test your luck. See you at `@events`!