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Reset Girl NPC Tutorial


In Ragnarok Online, players can refine their character builds with the help of the "Reset Girl" NPC. This NPC allows you to reset your skills, stats, or both, for a fee. This tutorial will guide you through using her services.


The Reset Girl is located at the coordinates Prontera, 135,190.

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Services and Fees

The Reset Girl offers three services:

  • Reset Skills: Clears your current skill configuration.
  • Reset Stats: Resets your stat points for redistribution.
  • Reset Both: Resets both your skills and stats.

The fees vary based on your VIP status:

  • For VIP Players:*
  • Reset Skills: 350,000 Zeny
  • Reset Stats: 350,000 Zeny
  • Reset Both: 700,000 Zeny
  • For Non-VIP Players:*
  • Reset Skills: 500,000 Zeny
  • Reset Stats: 500,000 Zeny
  • Reset Both: 900,000 Zeny

How to Use the Service

  1. Approach the Reset Girl at Prontera, 135,190, and initiate a conversation.
  2. Select the service you wish to use (Reset Skills, Reset Stats, or Reset Both).
  3. If applicable, review the reset limit and confirm your choice.
  4. The required Zeny will be deducted from your inventory as payment.
  5. Your selected reset (skills, stats, or both) will be applied, allowing you to reallocate your points.


  • Ensure you have enough Zeny for the service.
  • Plan your new build in advance to utilize the reset effectively.
  • If a reset limit is enforced, use your resets wisely.


The "Reset Girl" NPC is a valuable resource for optimizing your character's build. By following this guide, you can navigate her services efficiently and enhance your gameplay experience in Ragnarok Online.