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PvP Mode


In PvP Mode (Player vs. Player), players have the option to engage in combat with other players across any map. This mode is activated by using the command @pkon.


  • Players who are in PvP Mode can be identified by a crossed sword icon above their heads.
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Combat Rules

  • Once a player has engaged in PvP combat, they are unable to teleport for 5 seconds.
  • During PvP combat, all players deal reduced damage to other players:
    • Melee auto-attacks (without skills) incur a -20% damage penalty.
    • Ranged auto-attacks (without skills) incur a -30% damage penalty.
    • Physical skills (whether ranged or melee), magical attacks, and variable damage all incur a -40% damage penalty.


  • While in PvP Mode, players receive a 25% increase in both EXP and Drop Rates.


  • It's important for players to be aware of their surroundings and the potential for PvP combat when in PvP Mode.
  • Players should strategize their combat techniques, considering the damage penalties when planning attacks.