Old Glast Heim

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Old Glast Heim Instance Guide

This guide will walk you through the Old Glast Heim instance in DevaRO, providing step-by-step instructions and visual aids to ensure a smooth journey through the dungeon.

Getting to Glast Heim

To start your adventure in the Old Glast Heim, you'll need to access the dungeon:

  • Use the command @group in your chat, then click on the Dimensional Portal to open the map selection.


  • From the list, select "Old Glast Heim" to teleport to the starting point of the instance.

Initiating the Instance

Once you arrive at Old Glast Heim, follow these steps to begin the instance:

  • Speak with Hugin to start a conversation. Remember, only the party leader can initiate the instance.


Inside the Dungeon

Upon successfully opening the instance, you will be presented with the dungeon's details:

  • A pop-up window will display the time limit and other relevant information about the dungeon.


Beginning the Run

  • Your first task inside the dungeon is to engage with two NPCs, Varmundt and Heinrich, to commence the run.


First Phase

After the initial conversation:

  • Watch a brief "cutscene" where mobs will overrun the floor. No action is needed from your side as these mobs will be cleared automatically.
  • An announcement will inform your group that a portal has opened to the west. The tank should lead and gather all mobs on the other side of the portal, followed by the rest of the party. Your goal is to eliminate a certain number of mobs until another announcement indicates progression.


  • Once all mobs are cleared, the party leader needs to converse with a boy to continue the dungeon exploration.


Second Portal

  • Following the boy's instructions, a new portal will appear in the initial room, this time leading to the east. The process mirrors the first portal; let your tank enter first. Be cautious around dead bodies on the ground as they can spawn maggots if you get too close.


  • Similar to the first portal, eliminate enough mobs until you receive a message, then locate and talk to another NPC near a purple spot. Afterward, proceed to the red spot to access the next phase.


Third Portal and Raydrics

  • In this phase, you'll face more formidable adversaries, including "Raydrics". Employ characters with high flee rates or use pneumas for protection. Clear sufficient mobs to trigger the next sequence.


  • Once the required mobs are dispatched, gather near the central room's NPCs to initiate the spawn of the first boss.


Boss Encounters

First Boss Strategy

  • It is crucial for all party members to be alive and present to fulfill the quest criteria for defeating bosses. This rule applies to all boss encounters within this instance.
  • The first boss can be easily managed with ranged attacks. Maintain continuous damage, and the boss will eventually fall.
  • After defeating the boss, engage with Varmundt to receive 6607.png1 Temporal Crystal and 6608.png 1 Coagulated Spell as rewards.


Advancing to the Upper Floor

  • Post-victory, a new portal will appear, leading to the dungeon's upper level. Proceed through it and continue the dialogue with the NPCs to progress.


Upper Floor Challenges

  • The upper floor follows a similar pattern to the previous sections, with stronger mobs and added reliance on RNG. The tank should aggro all newly spawned mobs, and the party should systematically eliminate them while patrolling the map section. The objective is to trigger the appearance of a mini-boss on each map side.
  • Upon the spawn of the 1st or 2nd commander (mini-boss), an announcement will appear. Search for and eliminate them to advance.

13.png 14.png 15.png

Final Boss: Amdarais

  • At the top section, interact with Himelmez to trigger a cutscene and the subsequent spawn of Amdarais. Engage Amdarais immediately after its appearance.
  • It is advisable to lure Amdarais to the top of the stairs to avoid interference from maggots. Ensure all characters remain visible to count towards mission completion.


  • Speak with Hugin post-battle to collect 5 Temporal Crystals and 5 Coagulated Spells if it's your first run, or 1 of each for subsequent completions.


Treasure Room

  • Ideally, the party leader should navigate to the treasure room, accessible via the fountain on the first map.

20.png 21.png

  • Interact with the treasures to drop items on the ground.


Notable Loot

Among the treasures, you might find valuable items such as

6608.pngCoagulated Spell,

2022.png Staff of Geffen [1]

21007.png Heavy Sword [1]

15066.png Engraved Armor [1]

2949.png Silversmith Bracelet [1]

And you can see all the items you can get in this instance right at the entrance.


along with various other items of significant NPC value.

This guide should equip you with the knowledge to successfully navigate the Old Glast Heim instance. Good luck, adventurers!