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Mirror_Image.png Mirror Image

  • Increases the damage of Killing Strike based on the number of remaining image

Haze_Slasher.png Haze Slasher

  • Skill upgraded to 300% Atk
  • Cooldown 300ms

Shadow_Slash.png Shadow Slasher

  • Damage increased to up to 800%
  • Skill can CRIT
  • Cooldown 300ms

Exploding_Dragon.png Todas as habilidades Nimpou

  • Reduced base cast time
  • Ninja Nimpou Skills have no fixed cast time, allowing for instant casting with 150 Dex

Throw_Shuriken.png Throw Shuriken

  • Damage is now based on atk up to 150%

Throw_Kunai.png Throw Kunai

  • Damage not influenced by Racial/Size ATK% cards
  • Deals 3 hits

Throw_Huuma_Shuriken.png Throw Huuma Shuriken

  • AoE increased to 5x5 cells at max level
  • Damage changed to up to 1200% at max level