Monthly Costume and Mystery Egg Rotation: February 2024

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You need to know

  • Monthly, until the 5th business day of each month, rotations of all the items below will be performed, and it may take a long time for the same items to appear again.
  • When opening the items, the player randomly receives one of the visuals.
  • Access the donation page after logging into your account on our website to ensure your ROPs.

February 2024 Box Previews

14407.png Mystery Egg - 3.000 ROPs

This mysterious egg can give you anything from a [Popo Hat] to the most glorious costume of all time. So, are you going to try your luck?!

ID Costume Preview
19913 Costume Poo Poo Hat 19913.png
31442 Costume Smile Mask Middle 31442.png
19590 Costume Maiden's Twin Ribbon 19590.png
5626 F White Deviruchi Cap 5626.png
19791 Costume Alarm Mask 19791.png
19854 Costume Black Cat Ears 19854.png
19545 Costume Boy's Cap 19545.png
19625 Costume Bunny Band 19625.png
19585 Costume Feather Beret 19585.png
19618 Costume Kitsune Mask 19618.png
20058 Costume Hot Blood Headband 20058.png
31714 Costume Indian Headband 31714.png
19701 Costume Red Bonnet 19701.png
19591 Costume Red Ribbon 19591.png
19738 Costume Renown Detective's Cap 19738.png
20138 Costume Sea Otter Hat 20138.png
19851 Costume Teddybear Hat 19851.png
19546 Costume Valkyrie Helm 19546.png
20059 Costume Welding Mask 20059.png
19984 Costume Fashion Winter Hat 19984.png
20244 Costume Zealotus Mask 20244.png
19781 Costume Angel Wing Ears 19781.png
19621 Costume Evil Wing Ear 19621.png
19547 Costume Deviruchi Cap 19547.png
20472 Costume Helm of Angel 20472.png
19786 Costume Crown of Mistress 19786.png
20049 Costume Giant Band Aid 20049.png
19622 Costume Crescent Hairpin 19622.png
20185 Costume Fashionable Glasses 20185.png
19550 Costume Blush 19550.png
20013 Costume Chef Hat 20013.png
20207 Costume Striped Hairband 20207.png
19639 Costume Sakkat 19639.png
19782 Costume Refined Drooping Cat 19782.png
19858 Costume Smokie Leaf 19858.png
19931 Costume Lazy Smokie 19931.png
20348 Costume Sunday Hat 20348.png
20304 Costume Raccoon Hat 20304.png
19829 Costume Straw Hat 19829.png
19582 Costume Cowboy Hat 19582.png
20330 Costume Sombrero 20330.png
20119 Costume Beanie 20119.png
19598 Costume Wandering Wolf Hat 19598.png
19902 Costume Cigarette 19902.png
19651 Costume RWC Shouting Mouth 19651.png
19954 Costume 3D Glasses 19954.png
19939 Costume Antlers 19939.png
19553 Costume Assassin Mask 19553.png
31140 Costume Black Cowboy Hat 31140.png
19785 Costume Crunch Toast 19785.png
19548 Costume Frog Cap 19548.png
19716 Costume Alice Doll 19716.png
19773 Costume Angeling Pin 19773.png
19985 Costume Aura Quartz 19985.png
19808 Costume Blazing Sun 19808.png
20096 Costume Blue Ribbon 20096.png
31489 Costume Bouquet Cap 31489.png
19659 Costume Brown Beanie 19659.png
31379 Costume Clock Winding Key 31379.png
19929 Costume Classical Ribbon 19929.png
31801 Costume Creative Convention Cap 31801.png
19630 Costume Crown 19630.png
31486 C Diver's Goggles 31486.png
19597 Costume Magic Eyes 19597.png
31052 Costume Alchemist Mask 31052.png
20248 Costume Black Strong Hair 20248.png

664.pngTop Visual Box - 15.000 ROPs

Explore the Top Visual Box, a collection of stylish headwear items to enhance your character's appearance.

ID Costume Preview
20499 Costume Cat Ears Hat 20499.png
20199 Costume Evil Marcher Hat 20199.png
31136 Costume Clock Casket 31136.png
20283 Costume Over Protector 20283.png
31849 Costume Runaway Accelerator 31849.png

665.pngEars Visual Box - 15.000 ROPs

Discover the Ears Visual Box, featuring a variety of ear accessories to add flair and charm to your character's look.

ID Costume Preview
31497 Costume Flower Glasses 31497.png
31785 Costume Monster Fish Gills 31785.png
19158 Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Blue 19158.png
410095 Costume White Cat on Shoulder 410095.png
19609 Costume Red Glasses 19609.png

666.pngMouth Visual Box - 15.000 ROPs

Unveil the Mouth Visual Box, showcasing an assortment of mouthwear items designed to complement your character's style.

ID Costume Preview
31304 C Summer Fan 31304.png
31055 Costume Poring Soap Pipe 31055.png
31381 Costume Diabolic Lapel 31381.png
20462 Costume Cat Ears Cape 20462.png
31121 Costume Stall Of Bat 31121.png