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Mega Storage in DevaRO

DevaRO offers an enhanced storage system known as "Mega Storage" to help players manage their items more efficiently. This system includes access to multiple storage options, including exclusive features for VIP members, such as the "Kafra Card" for even more storage convenience.


The Mega Storage system is designed to provide ample space for players to store their valuable items, gear, and resources. With five storages available to all players.


Accessing Mega Storage

To access the Mega Storage, players must interact with the Kafra NPC found in major cities. Here, you will have the option to access your personal storages.


Five Storages for All Players

Every player in DevaRO has access to five separate storages, allowing for better organization and categorization of items. These storages can be used to separate equipment, consumables, crafting materials, and more, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Kafra Card: VIP Exclusive

The Kafra Card is a special item available for purchase by VIP members. This card open storage in any places. Except in castles,pvp, gvg and battlegrounds.


Purchasing Kafra Card

1. Become a VIP member by subscribing to the VIP services in DevaRO. 2. Visit the VIP room in-game and locate the Kafra Card under the "Tool Dealer" npc. 3. Purchase the Kafra Card and enjoy.


Tips for Using Mega Storage

  • Regularly organize your storages to keep track of your items efficiently.
  • Use separate storages for different types of items (e.g., one for gear, one for consumables) to simplify item management.
  • For VIP members, take full advantage of the Kafra Card to maximize your storage capabilities.