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Infos PvP Features
  • Episode 13.2 with several changes to monster post episode 10.3
  • Normal Rates 20x Base 20x Job
  • Drop Rates 5x
  • Equipment Drop Rates 20x
  • Mvp Drop Rates 1x
  • Max Level 99/70
  • Max Atributes 99
  • Group Level Exp 15 levels
  • PvP Mode
  *Players can choose to play in PvP mode, allowing PvP combat on any map against other players also in PvP mode (using @pkon)
  *Players in PvP Mode will have a crossed sword icon above their heads
  *Once engaged in PvP combat, players cannot teleport for 5 seconds
  *Increases EXP and Drop Rates by 25%
  • In PvP Mode, players deal reduced damage to other players
  *Melee auto-attacks (No skill): -20% damage
  *Ranged auto-attacks (No skill): -30% damage
  *Physical skills (ranged or melee), magical attacks, and variable damage: -40% damage
Combat Features Battlegrounds
  • Battlegrounds Sessions
  *Winner 05 Bravery Badges
  *Loser 02 Bravery Badges
 Valor and Bravery items available at the general merchant in the Battlefield, near Prontera's weapon shop
  • Battlefield Modes
  *Flavius:Capture the Flag: Seize the flag from the opposing team and bring it to your base. The team that captures 3 flags wins
  *Death Match:The team that dies 100 times loses
  *Krieger von Midgard: Defeat every player from opposing team to win.
  *Conquest: One team defends, and the other attacks a castle in a scenario similar to WoE 2.0. The attacking team wins upon capturing the castle. The defending team wins 
  *if they hold the castle for 30 minutes
  *Rush: Both teams must rush to capture the castle. Once a team captures it, they must defend it while the opposing team tries to capture it. The defending team wins if 
  *they hold the castle for 30 minutes. Otherwise, the attacking team wins
  • Revo-Classic combat formulas
  *Strong emphasis on character roles, status, and equipment builds
  *Linear progression instead of exponential progression with various adjustments to improve class balance
  *Slightly improved Aspd formula, but more focused on Agi
      Formula: motion = sqrt(dex * dex / 5.0 + agi * agi * 0.6) * 0.25
       motion = motion + (bônus * agi / 200)) - amotion
  *Adjustment Cards (Race/Size/Element%) changed to affect both Weapon Attack and Status Attack
       Improvement: Status Attack (STR/DEX) benefits from half of the bonuses of Race/Size/Element% cards
  *Critical Hits deal 40% more damage but do not ignore the target's defense (except under the effect of Sniper's True Sight)
  *Healing formula considers Base Level + Int + Matk

  • Equipment
  *Equipment can be upgraded up to +20.
  *Wepon refinement increases ATK and MATK.
  *Equipment refinement also increase MDEF
      Formula: EquipMdef = (RefineDef + 50) / 200;
  *Ice Pick Effect (also for Occult Impact, Memory of Thanatos Card).
      Old Formula: ATK * (Target_Soft_DEF + Target_Hard_DEF) / 100
      New Formula: ATK + (Target_Hard_DEF * AtkRatio) / 400.

  • Cast and Delay
  *150 dex = Reduces variable cast time by 100%.
  *Skill naturally have lower delay, lesser dependency from after cast delay reduction buffs (Poem of Bragi).
  *A small part of skill after cast delay was changed to cooldown, allowing player to use different skills.
  • Economy
  *Equipment type items have lower sell price at NPC due the increased drop rate
  *Various item selling prices have been reduced to prevent hyperinflation
  *Killing monsters gives you a random amount of zeny scaling with the monster's level
Enchantments Commands
  • Random Options
  *Equipment dropped by monsters can have up to 4 random options
  *The quantity and quality of options will be determined by the level and class of the monster
  *Random options for weapons are divided into:Melee, Ranged, and Magic.
  *Equipment that can have random options: Weapons, Armors, Shields, Shoes, Garments.
      Tier 1: Monster level 1-20
      Tier 2: Monster level 20-40
      Tier 3: Monster level 40-60
      Tier 4: Monster level 60+ or MVPs>
  • Luxury Enchants (Mayomayo)
  *Deluxe weapons (Top tier level 3 and level 4 weapons) can be enchanted up to 2 times
  *The enchanting options are the same as official: Malangdo Enchants
  *Class E to A coins and Sea God Wrath can be obtained in Cleaning Culvert Instance
  • @order
  • @rates
  • @listenbg
  • @bgskill
  • @leader
  • @commands
  • @charcommands
  • @hominfo
  • @homstats
  • @showexp
  • @showzeny
  • @whereis
  • @reportafk
  • @changedress
  • @resurrect
  • @showdelay
  • @exp
  • @mobinfo
  • @iteminfo
  • @whodrops
  • @time
  • @refresh
  • @noask
  • @noks
  • @autoloot
  • @alootid
  • @autoloottype
  • @request
  • @go
  • @breakguild
  • @channel
  • @langtype
  • @battlestats