Heinz Laboratories

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An experiment carried out at Heinz Laboratories got out of control and caused an explosion of dimensional portals. Opening 2 portals.



One of these portals brought together access to all existing instances in Deva's kingdom. And the other to a very dangerous place called Dimensional Bossnia.

One of the employees of Heinz Laboratories, Maximiliam went to Prontera to recruit adventurers to help them contain the damage.

You can find it at prontera 141 185


He will explain the whole situation to you and after that he will tell you that if you want to join the containment group again. Just use the @group command to be teleported to the Laboratory.

Inside the facilities you will find some laboratory employees who will explain how to access Bossnia.png Dimensional Bossnia.

Occasionally within the Heinz laboratory facilities, dimensional instability occurs that causes monsters to invade the facility. You adventurer can help by speaking to the security door and solving the dimensional containment within the facility.


Inside you will face 3 waves on the first floor of the laboratory and you must kill all the monsters. It is important to note that due to time dilation the laboratory only allows 10 people at the same time to contain damage.


After exterminating the 3 waves, a ramp access portal will open to the containment installations which are also unstable. There you will need to kill the two bosses that are inside each containment.

Heinz2.png Heinz3.png

After killing the two bosses, the artificial intelligence that controls the installation will materialize at the center of the containments to give you a reward (Bossnia.png 5x Dimensional Fragment) for helping to contain damage to the laboratory facilities. And it will teleport you to the portal room.


According to artificial intelligence mapping, the waves of monster invasions occur at the following times:

10:00 AM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 PM
10:00 PM