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  • 13172.png Gatling Guns: Butcher and Drifter changed to be Level 3 Weapons
  • 13170.png Shotgun: Black Rose changed to be Level 3 Weapon
  • 13171.png Rifles: Doubles user critical chance (Same effect as Katars)


Gatling_Fever.png Gatling Fever

  • Allows gunslinger to reach 193 aspd while active
  • Increases StatusAttack by 500

Tracking.png Tracking

  • Deals up to 1200% damage
  • Cast time lowered
  • Can Crit

Gunslinger_Mine.png Ground Drift

  • Does not work with normal bullets
  • Elemental Grenade Shells required to be equipped as ammunition
  • Cards affect the damage

Spread_Shot.png Spread Attack

  • Works with Grenade Launcher