Dimensional Bossnia

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With the explosion of portals caused in the Heinz Laboratories facilities. A portal to a place called Bossnia Dimensional opened. And to access it you will need to speak to some employees at the facility.

The first employee you should look for is Klaus. He is worried because he couldn't do his job correctly, and will ask you for help.


He will ask for Fragment.png 500x Fragments (id: 7094) to build a micro-chip that will help stabilize the portal for his entrance. Get these fragments for him.

After delivering the fragments to Klaus, he will direct you to another employee at the facility. Otto.


Otto will continue with the construction of the chip and will request: UsedIron.png 600x Used Iron Plate (ID:7319). Get these items for him.

After delivering the items to Otto, you will talk to Heinz.


He will ask you for StrangePiece.png 100x Strange Steel Piece (ID: 7167) and this is the final stretch for building the chip. Get these items for him.

After you get the items for Heinz, he will ask you to press the Red Button to activate the portal's stability and get the chip.


The Button will activate and give you Bossnia's Micro-Chip. Bossniachip.png


The chip is activated with use, and lasts for 2 hours in the inventory, this is the time you will be able to stay inside the Bossnia Dimensional with 1 chip. ATTENTION the chips are not cumulative, if you have more than one, use one at a time! Click on the purple portal to enter.

Inside Dimensional Bossnia there will be bosses to kill. They don't guarantee exp or items. But there is a 50% chance of dropping the Bossnia.png Dimensional Fragment that can be exchanged for items in the Bossnia Trader. You will find it inside the main facilities.

You can find these items at Bossnia's Trade: