Devil Square

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Devil Square Event Guide

The Devil Square Event is an intense battle challenge inspired by the MMORPG Mu Online. Players face waves of monsters, each more challenging than the last, with valuable rewards awaiting those who can survive through the final round. This guide provides all the necessary information to help you navigate and succeed in the Devil Square.


Devil Square is a timed event where participants are transported to a special arena to fight against successive waves of monsters. The event is designed for high-level players seeking to test their mettle and earn exclusive rewards.


To join the Devil Square event:

1. **Check the Schedule**: Devil Square opens at specific times (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 server time). Make sure to be ready at these times to participate. 2. **Meet the Requirements**: Your character must be at least level 85 to enter Devil Square. 3. **Event Entry**: Speak to the Devil Square Guardian NPC when the event is open to enter. Be aware that there's a player limit for each session, so early arrival is recommended.

Event Structure

Devil Square consists of three challenging waves:

1. **First Wave**: The event kicks off with a relatively manageable group of monsters. This is your chance to get warmed up. 2. **Second Wave**: The difficulty ramps up significantly, with tougher monsters joining the fray. 3. **Final Wave**: The most challenging round, where the strongest monsters appear. Survive this, and you're in for a reward.

Participants need to clear all waves within the time limit to be eligible for rewards.


Victorious players, those who survive all three waves, will receive a special Event Reward Box. This box contains various valuable items, which can include rare equipment, consumables, or other exclusive goodies.

Strategy Tips

- **Teamwork**: Coordinate with other participants to tackle the more challenging monsters. - **Preparation**: Stock up on potions and repair your equipment before entering. - **Stay Alert**: Each wave introduces new monsters with different abilities. Pay attention and adjust your tactics accordingly.


Devil Square offers a thrilling challenge for experienced players looking for action-packed combat and valuable rewards. By preparing adequately and working together with fellow adventurers, you can conquer the waves of monsters and emerge victorious. Good luck!

Remember, the key to success in Devil Square is preparation, teamwork, and adaptability. Gear up, join forces, and face the challenge head-on!