Carnival Event

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Quest to Enter the Sambadrome


Initial Encounter

First, locate the NPC in Brasilis at coordinates 249/107. This NPC is a security guard stationed behind the stage in Brasilis. Upon interaction, a dialogue will commence. Exercise caution during this dialogue as you will be presented with two response options: one will advance the quest, while the other will result in your demise.

Security Guard NPC

After selecting the correct dialogue option, the NPC will reveal that his remarkable strength is derived from a particular drink he is fond of. Continue the dialogue until he challenges you to fetch some items to demonstrate your strength.

Item Collection

The NPC will request the following items:

  • 10 Alcohol Alcohol
  • 10 Empty Bottles Empty Bottle
  • 100 Honey Honey
  • 100 Prickly Fruits Prickly Fruit

Delivering all requested items successfully concludes this part of the quest, and the NPC will reward you with the drinks. Failure to provide any of the items will infuriate the NPC, leading to your character's death.

The Rewarding Drink

Sambadrome Entry

Upon receiving the items, the NPC will inform you that tickets to the Sambadrome are sold out. However, he will mention another security guard who has a penchant for the drinks you've just acquired. This guard might help you sneak into the Sambadrome. He directs you to Brasilis 246, 320 to locate this guard.

Sambadrome Security Guard

Interacting with the Sambadrome security guard will initiate another critical dialogue, offering two response options. Choosing the correct response will advance the quest, leading to a discussion about the drinks. Offering some of the drinks to the guard will grant you entry into the Sambadrome.

Note: This quest is available until February 28th and can be repeated. The Sambadrome can be re-entered multiple times, but each entry requires drinks as a bribe to the security guard. The drinks are tradable among players.

Inside the Sambadrome

Within the Sambadrome, you will encounter various monsters. Each type of monster is described below with their respective drop chances:

Parade Pirate (BOSS)

Parade Pirate
ID: 20472
Timing: 3hrs
Drop Chance:
Fancy Mask Drop

Samba Sorceress (MINI-BOSS)

ID: 20471
Samba Sorceress
Timing: 1hrs
Drop Chance:
Peacock Feather Drop

Parade Phantom, Confetti Creep, Carnival Crawler (60 INSTA MOBS EACH)

IDs: 20457, 20458, 20459
Insta Mobs
Drop Chances Costumes:
Carnival Circlet, Happy P, Happy W
Drop Chances Consumables:
Blue Drink, Beer, Mysterious Drink