Air Ship Assault

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The Airship Raid Guide[edit | edit source]

The Airship raid is a great daily quest for players looking to gear up without excessive grinding. It's important to note that this dungeon instance can only be completed solo. You must still form a party and be the Party leader to activate the dungeon instance.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Here are the loots you can get from all the mobs inside the instance (except for Ferlock’s set). Ferlock’s set can only be dropped by Captain Ferlock after defeating him.

Loot from Airship Raid

Starting the Raid[edit | edit source]

To begin the Airship raid, locate the NPC “Heinz Laboratories” in Prontera at coordinates (139,183). Engage in dialogue and select “I think I can, let’s go!”, or you can type @group to be teleported directly to Heinz laboratory.
NPC “Heinz Laboratories”
Interact with the Dimensional portal and choose “Airship Assault (70+)”.
Dimensional portal
Once inside, click on the Dimensional Device and select the “Power Up the Device” option.
Dimensional Device

Creating the Instance[edit | edit source]

After powering up the device, you can create the instance. Interact with the Dimensional Device again and choose “Use the Device” to start the dungeon. Ensure that you are the party leader, or a prompt will appear informing you to create a party to proceed.

Note: Do not click “DESTROY INSTANCE,” or you will have to wait a day to re-enter.

Creating the Instance

Inside the Instance[edit | edit source]

Upon entering, speak with Captain Ferlock to initiate the event, causing monsters to spawn. Move to the portal on the right side at coordinates (250,55).
Captain Ferlock
Clear all mobs, including Beholder & Rotar Zairo. Once they're defeated, a notification will appear, and you can proceed to the lower deck at coordinates (107,72).
Lower Deck Entrance
The next floor features Blue Acidus and Gremlins. Eliminate them and return to coordinates (88,189) to speak with Iris, who will inform you of an engine room breach. Then, move to the portal at (100,200).
On this level, defeat all Gold Acidus and Beholders and head through the portal at coordinates (91,67).
Upper Deck Portal
Converse with Fenrir. You will be tasked to defeat 1 Wyvern. Post victory, talk to Iris again, who will warn you of incoming monsters. Captain Ferlock will then enter a berserk state and damage the engine.
Subdue Captain Ferlock to conclude the event. Exit the ship to finish the instance.
Captain Ferlock Defeated
You'll find yourself back at the Dimension Portal. Don't forget to destroy the instance to reset the cooldown, allowing you to attempt the raid again after 24 hours.
Dimension Portal Exit

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully complete the Airship Raid and gather your loot. Remember, you can repeat this daily for more rewards!